Who are we? 


My name is Jure...

I started online business in 2017 helping businesses to get more leads, customers, clients. As business owner I had opportunity to work with biggest players in the World like Solutions 8, Qure skincare brand, Drexel Luxury Homes, Paradise Media etc.

Founded Momentum Visible as brand with primary focus helping home service businesses get more clients.

Who is momentum Visible?

Met Jure who is man in charge.

Jure Fuzul

Jure is CEO at Momentum Visible and has a hardcore passion for Google Ads.

His passion for Google Ads has led him to another level where he started to learn and implement conversion rate optimisation tactics which strongly correlate with Google Ads.

His endeavours to be the best in things he is doing on daily basis led him to constantly improve his skills between Google Ads, CRO and Landing page design.

Main driver in  his  endeavours are happy clients and achieved results.


Our values shape our identity and guide how we operate in service to our clients.

Accountability for Results

Owning the outcomes of our campaigns, we aim to exceed expectations and stand accountable to both our clients and ourselves.

Resilience to Adapt

Faced with challenges, our team is dedicated to adapting and thriving in the dynamic digital landscape.

Commitment to Excellence

Our drive to innovate and optimize never wanes as we strive to maintain the highest standards in all our endeavors.

Enjoy the Journey

While we’re serious about results, we also believe in enjoying the process. Celebrating our successes and learning from each experience makes our work fulfilling.

Delivering Consistent Results Through Dedication and Expertise

Our success is intertwined with yours, and shared success is truly the sweetest! 

The better your campaign performs, the longer our partnership endures, increasing profitability for both of us. We are committed to a long-term relationship, aiming to grow and prosper right alongside you.

Growing Together: Building Success Through Partnership

We don't claim to possess exclusive or secret methods that others lack. The success of our clients is built on a foundation of extensive experience, ongoing education, and unwavering dedication. 

Our clients remain with us because we honor our commitments and reliably provide profitable outcomes month after month.


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